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If your home is feeling cluttered and things are getting in the way, it’s time to reclaim your space with a personal storage unit! Having a garage or spare room that is overflowing can be stressful, especially if you already have limited space. Sooner or later, everything piles up and you’re left feeling overwhelmed – which nobody wants! A self storage unit is a great way to organise all of your belongings and household items, and finally turn those overflowing rooms into ones that are more than just storage space. At Access Storage, our furniture storage units are ideal for both short and long-term use, so you can take all the time you need.

No long-term commitment

At Access Storage you can safely and securely store your furniture by the week, month, year, or for as long as you require. If you’ve recently downgraded to a smaller home, or are renovating and need extra space, a storage unit is exactly what you need. By storing your furniture away in the short term, you can have room to breathe and focus on the more important things.

Perhaps you’ve recently inherited some antique furniture and don’t have the space to store it? All of our self storage units are affordable, and you can be rest assured that your belongings will be stored with the utmost care. We also have three convenient storage facility locations in Smithfield, Golden Grove and Gawler so you can have easy access whenever you need.  With our storage units, you can have peace of mind – making us the number one provider of furniture storage Adelaide has to offer.

How to prepare your belongings for storage

The first (and most important) thing you need to determine before storing your household items, is how much space you need. Without doing this, you could end up with either too much or too little space. The easiest way to do this, is to use our self storage calculator! This handy tool allows you to easily estimate the amount of space and storage you need for your belongings, room by room. Once you’ve decided on the size of the unit you need, it’s time to safely prepare your furniture for storage. The following tips are particularly helpful for those that plan to keep their belongings in long term storage:

  • Thoroughly clean and dry your furniture. Make sure to vacuum any upholstery, dust any glass or steel surfaces, and wipe over everything. Ensure you do this 24 hours before packing anything away, as any moisture left on the furniture can lead to mould in the long term.
  • Disassemble big furniture where possible. Disassembling larger items, like beds, couches and tables before storing or transporting them to one of our storage facilities will make everything easier. In saying this, you need to be careful when it comes to antique furniture. This type of furniture might be too fragile – so it would be best to leave it as is.
  • Carefully wrap your furniture using sheeting, bubble wrap and other packaging. For wooden or leather furniture, it’s best to wrap them in blankets before using packaging paper (to prevent any potential damage to the material).
  • Polish any metal surfaces and add a protecting product to any leather (this protects them in the long run).
  • Use boxes to organise your smaller appliances or items, seal them up with tape and label accordingly. Having a master list would be a good idea too!

Quick tips on storing furniture

It’s important that you don’t just dump your furniture into one of our storage units. Strategically planning how your furniture and household items will be stored is key to keeping everything safe and secure. Here are a few of our top tips to keep your furniture in mint condition:

  • Place a drop cloth or padded blankets on the floor to protect your furniture.
  • Place larger items at the back of the storage unit. These can act as a foundation for other items.
  • Ensure you leave enough room to move around so you can access your items easily (especially if you plan on accessing them regularly).
  • Place long furniture on the sides (like book cases or couches) of the unit.
  • You can stack furniture on top of each other, but ensure you leave some space (this allows air flow between the furniture).
  • If you plan on keeping your items in the storage unit for a long period of time, avoid using plastic sheeting.
  • Store freezers and fridges with their doors open (prevents mould!)
  • Use the drawers in cupboards or dressers to store smaller items.

At Access Storage, we care about keeping your possessions safe and secure. Get in touch with the best furniture storage Adelaide has to offer by calling your local facility or via our secure online form. Start taking advantage of our various affordable storage units and the self storage prices Adelaide is talking about.

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